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Enticing a reader to buy your book is about more than just an eye-catching cover. The blurb, also called the back cover copy or book description, is a synopsis of the book that pulls from the most important elements of the plot without giving it away. An intriguing blurb can mean the difference between a potential reader clicking "buy" or simply moving on.

Authors often have a difficult time summarizing their book into a 150-250 words. Writing a book is entirely different from writing a concise, attention-grabbing blurb that will be used to market your book. How do you raise questions, add tension, and set the tone of the book while not spoiling important plot points and ruining the reader's experience?


That's where I come in. After all, you want a blurb that would make your target audience grab your book. That's me! I'm your target audience. Combined, I read and edit more than one hundred romance books a year, not to mention the hundreds of blurbs I've read. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying condense your story into a few paragraphs of captivating copy, let me help.



I will review your current blurb line by line, highlighting the strengths and noting potential areas of improvement.




I will take the draft of your blurb and make suggested edits/polish it so you have tight, appealing copy.





I will take the synopsis and first several chapters of your manuscript and write a succinct, captivating blurb.
Includes two rounds of revisions.