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Common Tropes

Looking for inspiration? Check out this list of popular tropes.

Accidental Pregnancy - The heroine becomes pregnant.


Amnesia - A character has lost (or is perceived to have lost) their identity.


Best Friend’s Sibling - A character is dating their best friend’s sibling.


Bet/Blackmail/Wager - The couple initially gets together because of a bet, blackmail, or a wager.


Cyrano/Matchmaker - The person helping ends up falling in love with their friend’s match.


Enemies to Lovers - The couple dislikes one another in the beginning but ends up overcoming their differences.


Fake Dating - The couple pretends to be in a relationship for some reason (e.g. to make someone jealous, satisfy their parents, etc.).


Fated/Soul Mates - The couple is meant to be together as “true loves.”


Fling - A one-night stand or summer fling turns into more.


Forbidden Love - The couple isn’t allowed to be together for some reason (e.g. religion, family feud, societal rules, etc.).


Forced Proximity - The characters are forced together in a relatively close space (e.g. stuck in a cabin, trapped in an elevator, etc.).


Friends to Lovers - The couple are friends and then become more.


Friends with Benefits - A couple agrees to use each other for sex.


Kidnapped - A character falls in love with their kidnapper.


Love Triangle - A character must choose between two potential love interests.


Marriage of Convenience/Pretend Marriage - A couple gets married or pretends to be married for reasons that benefit them.


Marriage in Trouble - The couple is already married but having problems.


May/December - There is a substantial age gap between the characters.


Mistaken Identity - A character assumes the identity of someone else.


Opposites Attract - The characters are complete opposites but still fall in love.


Revenge - One character is seeking revenge for a real or perceived wrong.


Second Chance - Childhood sweethearts, ex-lovers, or a character getting another chance at love with someone new.


Secret Baby - The heroine had a baby and didn’t tell the father.


Single Parent - One of the characters is a single parent.


Unrequited Love - Similar to friends to lovers but with a character who has been in love with the other for a long time, often years.


Virgin - One character is a virgin.