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Why You Should Hire a Professional Editor

Updated: Mar 4

You’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks, or even months self-editing and revising your story. Perhaps you’ve used beta readers and critique partners and incorporated their feedback. Or maybe you’ve run your manuscript through an editing software such as ProWritingAid. While these are all great steps to take, self-editing has its limits. As one person, especially someone as close to a story as you can get, you can only do so much. That’s where a professional editor comes in. Collaborating with a good editor can help you take your story to the next level. Here are several reasons you should consider investing in one. EXPERIENCE

An editor has a trained eye. We’ve read hundreds of stories, invested in countless hours of professional development, and spent years polishing the work of others.


An effective editor knows how to deliver feedback in a tactful manner. We are able to communicate your story’s strengths and weaknesses clearly and concisely.


An editor can provide a new perspective on your manuscript. We haven’t stared at the story for hours on end like you have, which allows us to find trouble areas or errors you may have missed. CONSISTENCY

Editors are experts at ensuring consistency within a story. It’s our job to comb through your manuscript, spotting differences in tense, point-of-view, voice, tone, and more. IMPROVE YOUR WRITING An editor’s goal is not only to polish the manuscript they are working on but also to provide the author with resources and knowledge to strengthen their writing.

A professional editor can provide you with objectivity, save you the time and frustration of continually revising on your own, and be your cheerleader.

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