Novel Words Editing


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Beta reading - $.003/word

Copyediting - $.01/word

Line editing - $.015/word


Proofreading - $.005/word


My services include a second pass for minor modifications to your manuscript as a result of changes made due to recommendations from my original proofreading/editing.


I will provide a sample proofread/edit/read of 1,000-2,000 words from the middle of your manuscript so you may see the quality of my work.  This will also allow me to see which service is right for your manuscript.


Payment Policy

Upon entering into an agreement, a deposit of 25% of the total service price is required prior to work beginning.  The remaining balance is due upon receipt of the completed manuscript.



Please Note:


I believe that cost should not be a limiting factor for an author.  The above pricing is

designed to serve as a baseline for cost estimate purposes.  Based on the sample you provide, required timeline, and specific requirements, I will be able to give you with the most accurate

estimate.  I strive to do my best to come to an agreement that will meet your needs.