Novel Words Editing


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Beta Reading

This typically occurs prior to any editing and involves providing critical feedback from the reader’s prospective. I look for plot holes and discrepancies or inconsistencies in time

sequences, places, characters, or other details.

In addition, I assess the believability of the characters and storyline and the overall flow

of the manuscript. I aim to enhance the quality

of your work with my honest feedback.


My goal is to ensure your work is easy to read

and understand. I look for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and formatting errors, as

well as inconsistencies in tense and repetitive words. I also suggest alternate wording where appropriate and do minor fact checking. A copy

edit is recommended prior to proofreading.

Line Editing

Focusing on language issues and organization on a paragraph-by-paragraph level, I look to smooth transitions, improve readability and flow, improve overall clarity, and maintain consistency of tone. In addition, I query regarding inconsistencies in plot and flag items for fact-checking.


I use a critical eye to spot errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. In addition,

I make sure your manuscript is consistent in

style and formatting.  Proofreading occurs after your work has been edited and is normally the

final step prior to publication.