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"Her approach comes from an empathic space. With her thoughtful finesse, Misha continues to make my work better. Her changes and suggestions make such an impact, and I’m grateful for her working by my side."

- Author Melissa L.


“She caught many details I would have missed and made suggestions that improved my manuscripts. I appreciate the feedback I get. It’s honest and helpful, but not harsh. Misha understands that our manuscripts are our babies.”

-T. Christensen, author of Breaking Tessa, Jordan's
Justice, and Blindsided


“Misha cares as much about your characters and story as you do. To find someone who is thoughtful and cares about your project even when it needs improvement is really something special. She helped me polish the rough edges.”

-Jemma Guinn, author of
Fooled Me Once



“Misha’s help was invaluable not only in improving my manuscript, but also in helping me develop my craft. She could see what kind of story I was trying to write and offered helpful suggestions on how to improve it. Working with Misha was easy, professional, and fun.”

-Raven Lovelace, author of Drakaina's Fire


“Working with Misha has been a very collaborative process. She has a wonderful way of making improvements without changing the author’s voice. Several of the reviews of my debut novel have mentioned the excellent editing.”


“Misha is really great in all areas! Prompt responses, thorough work, and changes that add quality to the story without changing my style. I 100% recommend working with Misha! She is everything you could ever want in an editor."

-Mj Hendrix, author of Big Shot and Seeing Double

-Erin Brockus, author of
Finding Hope, Defending Hope, Rising Hope, and Forever Hope


“Don’t hesitate to work with Misha! She is gentle but helpful, attuned to what works and what doesn’t, knows what readers expect in a specific genre and whether you’ve hit those targets, and professional.”

-D.W. Alder, author of Reclaimed Life