The Editing Process

You have a manuscript ready for editing. Now what?

1 - Once you contact me, we will talk about your project and your needs, as well as a schedule. I will request to review your manuscript in its entirety and select an excerpt for a sample edit.


2 - Upon return of the sample edit with a project quote, we will finalize the schedule and sign a contract. You will be responsible for paying 25% of the agreed-upon fee as a deposit.

3 - Prior to the start date, you will submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx). I only accept manuscripts via Word.

4 - Following our mutually agreed-upon schedule, I will edit your manuscript, making necessary corrections using Word's Track Changes tool. Then I will return your manuscript to you with detailed notes.

5 - If a second pass is requested, you will revise your manuscript and resubmit it to me following our pre-established schedule.

6 - My second pass will be as comprehensive as my first. I will again return it to you with detailed mark-up and notes.

7 - Upon delivery of the final editing pass, payment of the remaining fee is required.